Q:Is baby silicone?

A: No, babies are vinyl


Q: Can you make me a baby that looks exactly like this one (insert pic by other artist)?

A: No, as each artist has their own painting and rooting styles, it is not possible to copy another artist's work.


Q: I saw a baby on the adopted babies page that I like. Can you make me one exactly like him/her?

A: As each baby is hand-painted, no two babies will look EXACTLY alike. However, it is possible to make one that looks very similar. The main difference would be the outfit, but other smaller differences may be coloring (skin tone a bit lighter or darker, more or less mottling, etc) and hair pattern.


Q:Do you offer layaway?

A: Sorry I do not offer layaway/payment plans at this time.


Q:Did you make the baby shown in the photos?

A: Yes, all babies pictured were made and photographed by me. 


Q: I am looking to order a custom baby. Do you have a picture of X baby with X hair type and hair color, and X colored eyes, so I can see what it would look like?

A: All possible gender, skin tone, hair type/color and eye color combinations I have made thus far are pictured. With all the possible combinations for each baby, I have not yet had the chance to make each one.